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Welcome - Essay from Newsletter 1

Welcome to the newsletter I forgot I had…

Last week I started posting bread recipes as well as a description of how you can grow sourdough starter from scratch.

I started posting it on my Editor’s Cut site and linked to it from my Twitter and Facebook accounts.

“Hmmm,” I said to the dog sleeping across the room, “I should let people know about this in my newsletter.”

So I logged into my newsletter platform provider only to find that it had been so long since I’d sent out an email that they had deleted my account along with the list of people who had subscribed.

I understood completely.

And - I thought…

And, it was exactly like my advice for sourdough.

There are many people who get a sourdough starter from somewhere or they create their own and they feed it for a while and it’s really healthy and then for some reason or another, they stop.

They put the sourdough starter in a jar in the refrigerator and they forget about it.

By the time they go back to it, it looks (and smells) like a science project.

They feel bad. This was the official San Francisco starter that they bought on that wonderful trip after drinking Irish Coffee at the Buena Vista.

It doesn’t matter.

It’s not food any more. Throw it away. Start over.

And so that’s what I’m doing with this newsletter.

Hopefully I’ll feed it more regularly.

At least that’s my intent.

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